"This project started with a short video, posted on youtube. A guy in a tight suit, green, set on an excluded lakeside. We were surprised by the beauty of these images. The setting, the colors and the shocking innocence of the video, while the guy is showing us something what supposed to be guilty and erotic. Fetishes show us the weird and twisted side of the human brain, the secret lusts. But although these fetishes are considered to be dirty and taboo it also shows a real human movement. Searching for things that still excite us. It's all about being creative.(...)"
(Text fragment from dvd)



01. Japanese Girl Clothed Underwater
02. Blue Fox and High Heels
03. Peanutbutter Slime
04. Swimming in the Yellow Unitard
05. Crushing a Small Bulb
06. White Tiger 4 (new job - new hair!)
07. Mi Vecina en la Ducha 2


01. Latex Ballhood
02. Asleep in Pink Zentai Suit
03. Driving Barefoot
04. Japanese Girl Falls In The Mud
05. Fuzzy Mohair Bondage Dress
06. Ponytail Style For Very Long Hair
07. Russian Fox